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Savannah Duo Roll Knife Sharpener Black/Clear 19x4x6cm

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Hacking at your ingredients? An overused, blunt knife blade is not only ineffective, but can damage your food by stretching and tearing it, ruining the appetising presentation that you're striving for as well as causing you to work harder, with a potentially higher risk of physical injury.
Even sharp, quality knives will eventually require maintenance to extend their lifespan.
But knife care can be a nebulous task.
Now you can take the guesswork out of knife sharpening and achieve professional results within seconds! The Savannah Duo Roll Knife Sharpener makes knife sharpening simple and effective.
This superior quality tool is set at the ideal 19-20? knife sharpening angle, making it efficient and easy to use whilst ensuring excellent results.
With two wheel options, it is suitable for both fine and coarse honing.
The first slot has a diamond wheel for rough sharpening, whilst the second slot has a ceramic wheel for finer sharpening.
The wheel housing can also be filled with water to keep the wheel clean during the sharpening process, prolonging the life of the wheels.
Importantly, the Savannah Duo Roll Knife Sharpener's design also ensures that your safety comes first.
The non-slip handle and base ensures a comfortable hold as well as stability.
Quality kitchen knives are an investment that deserve quality maintenance, so that you can continue to rely upon them to help achieve your favourite culinary creations for years to come.
This knife sharpener will conveniently suit most kitchen knives, particularly double-edged knives made from stainless steel or titanium.
Not suitable for serrated, ceramic or single-edged knives.
5 year guarantee.
At Savannah we are dedicated to designing and developing kitchenware that truly works, saving you time and effort in the kitchen.
All Savannah utensils have been tested for functionality, durability and quality.

More Information
Color Black/Clear
Size 19x4x6cm
Material Composition Plastic / Ceramic / Diamond steel
Country Of Origin Made in Hong Kong
Packaging Key HS