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Build a Floral Bouquet with Rogue

We’ve styled five different floral arrangements, easily adaptable to suit any theme.
With handy tips and inspiration, choose your favourite and recreate an everlasting bouquet.

To build this rustic floral bouquet, the key is to stick with a neutral colour palette - think browns, creams, burnt oranges and faded reds. Rogue has a detailed collection of dried stems and sprays, perfect for recreating this look.  

The hero pieces are banksia stems, so build your arrangement around them. Intertwine colour by placing sprays sporadically – the more misplaced, the better. The only recommendation is to balance your colour palette and stick to dried pieces.

To complement the theme, wrap in brown paper or fabric and tie together with string. With neutral colours, this floral arrangement suits a variety of interiors.

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This bouquet is feminine, intimate and beautiful. The colour palette is comprised of deep burgundies, soft pinks and bold reds - think springtime in a romantic garden. With only a few colours in this arrangement, focus on placement to tell a narrative.

The hero pieces are peony stems, surrounded by cascading wild leaves. Instead of placing in the centre, move to one side and allow supporting flowers to fill in the gaps. This shifts the eye’s attention which comes in handy when placed in a busy space.   

With a vivacious colour palette, display in a subtle vessel to complement the theme.

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With a refreshing colour palette, don’t let a bouquet without flowers deter you. Sometimes, all your home needs is a pop of greenery – especially interiors with a minimalist theme. This arrangement is simple yet effective.

With various tones of green, it’s vibrant without being multi-coloured. The hero piece is texture – different consistencies draw in the eye and accommodate for a lack of colour. It’s similar to the native approach yet focuses on fresh stems instead of dried sprays.

With a wide range of textiles, this bouquet is full of depth and dimension. Remember to balance both colour and texture when recreating.

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Not all bouquets are vibrant – use this opportunity to create a floral arrangement that suits your style. This bouquet is modern with a unique colour palette – the warm beiges complement deep burgundies, elevating any space.

The hero piece is shaping as each stem has a powerful silhouette. The fan-like stems are a strong juxtaposition to the delicate leaves throughout. The gum nuts also balance the theme by bringing character and depth.

This bouquet is a collaboration of strong silhouettes and bold colours. With a contemporary appearance, it suits modern interiors with dark feature walls.

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With a subtle colour palette, this bouquet is warm, inviting and homely. Coordinated explosions of colour, texture and layering make it a piece of art.

The brown tones complement inviting beiges and crisp whites. It’s balanced through symmetrical placement, allowing the exaggeration of textures. The soft and feathery qualities make it approachable and enticing.     

This bouquet is perfect for a coastal shack or country home. Even though it’s an explosion of colour and textiles, don’t underestimate when recreating - focus on balancing hues while highlighting textures. Display in a subtle vessel to complement the theme.

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