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How to style ‘Christmas in July’ décor for customers

We’re officially in that little phase between holidays where it may seem like a dry patch. It’s well after Easter and way too soon for Halloween – so what event can we utilise to create excitement for customers? Christmas in July is a wonderful theme that lets Australians celebrate the festive season in cooler weather. It’s time to put away the esky’s and bring out the ugly Christmas sweaters! By having Christmas in July, our customers can enjoy warm roasts, eggnog and blazing fires.


At IsAlbi, we offer beautiful table décor, servingware, Christmas decorations, and everlasting greenery. Our stylish collections combined make for a dinner party that customers won’t forget. Whether it’s for the midyear celebration or you’re simply getting a head start on Christmas, here are some handy tips for styling our products instore, successfully creating a cohesive narrative.


There are a lot of themes one can choose for Christmas. From rustic to classic and of course, the traditional Christmas approach, our collections encompass it all. A popular theme for Australians is rustic. This is a nostalgic approach that can be built through dried native flowers, neutral-coloured servingware and earthy decorations. Pops of colour can be incorporated through loose lemons, olive tree branches and wattle bushes. They key is identifying who your customers are and what they’re looking for.


It’s important to distinguish a statement colour that capture’s the beholder’s eye. You don’t want to overdo this colour however, just let it shine subtly. Keep the palette neutral and inject one pop of colour through servingware, such as plates and bowls. A nice option is midnight blue or emerald green. To complement these colours, offer white linen tablecloths as they keep things minimal while looking polished. Take a look at our serving plates and bowls here.


It’s time to display servingware that complements your theme and statement colour. Cutlery and glassware should be kept simple and elegant. Our beautiful Andre Verdier cutlery sets marry style and functionality. Not only will they be perfect for Christmas in July, but will last your customers for years to come. If you’re opting for a rustic approach, try stocking wooden serving bowls, platters, lazy susans and more.


Our Rogue collection offers a wide range of beautiful, realistic and everlasting greenery. We have everything you need to encompass any theme. From fresh stems to dried sprays and even preserved flowers, there’s something for everyone. Take a look at our charming vases and vessels for a coordinated approach. A popular trend we’re seeing nowadays are dried branches and blossoms placed casually around the table. Discover our Rogue collections here and get creative.


Now you have the tableware sorted, it’s time to incorporate fun items to make this dinner party, Christmassy. Take a look at our beautiful Christmas decorations, fairy lights and charming games. We also have cute Christmas ornaments to bring festive cheer. Another great idea is candles – give your customers the option to dine in candlelight with our intimate range of scented and non-scented candles. Choose what suits your store and build from there.