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Introducing Amalfi’s New Autumn/Winter 22 Trends

Amalfi’s beauty centres on its diversity – there are unique pieces to suit every taste. For the new Autumn/Winter 22 season, we’ve been busy curating a sophisticated collection your customers will love. 

This season, we’d like to introduce the following trends: Sanctum Living and Studio Como. Highlighting two versatile aesthetics, they’re sure to inspire. We’ve sourced pieces from around the globe to curate an identity that’s unique for you and your store. 

We’ve also refreshed popular ongoing trends with new elements and designs, including The Grange, One Tribe, and Coastal Sanctuary. We can’t wait for you to see their evolution and offer customers a further range of selections. 

Get familiar with Amalfi’s trends for Autumn/Winter 22, and make sure to watch our stunning videos. They’re sure to inspire and will start the wheels turning when it comes to styling our beautiful products instore. 

Tranquil and calm, Sanctum Living captures the essence of a lazy Sunday morning. Highlighting a muted colour palette with Pecan, Sand Dune, and Eucalypt at the forefront, this collection bestows a peaceful designer aesthetic. Rounded curves, soft shapes, and feminine silhouettes will complement one another when displayed instore.

We’ve sourced a range of free-flowing artwork and conceptual-styled sculptures for your customers. A combination of glazed and matte ceramics displaying abstract silhouettes are also highlighted. Textured bases and rattan shades contrast the spherical balance that is Sanctum Living. Allow your customers to build a space where they can relax and unwind. 

Inspired by Spanish and Italian designs, Studio Como celebrates urban living with a high-end aesthetic. Dark tones support Antique White, Pistachio, and Sienna for the cooler seasons. Slender silhouettes juxtapose plump forms in this Eurocentric trend that sells itself. 

We’ve sourced a sophisticated range of smokey glassware, matte ceramics, and abstract artwork for the customer who envisions an ‘artsy’ space. Elements of metal contrast with velvet materials in this designer-inspired approach. Studio Como will elevate your store when on display, thanks to its lavish style and masculine approach.

The Grange is a clean and modern evolution of the farmhouse style we offered last season. Exuding warmth and rural charm, it’s a humble trend that feels lived in. Tuscan Tan, Seafoam, and Snow are highlighted through a range of charming pieces, intended to make the house feel like a home. 

Wooden finishes and wicker baskets are at the forefront of this trend. We’ve introduced a new servingware collection called Mylora. Australian inspired, it features beautiful floral prints across a variety of stoneware and acacia wooden pieces. The Grange is a fresh update on the farmhouse style where rustic elements do not dominate. 

One Tribe embraces African, Indonesian, South American, American Indigenous, and South Pacific Island cultures, with a hint of western industrial elements. These influences are brought together through material, texture, and palette application. 

Grounded in an Ink Black palette, refreshing tones of Espresso and Tortilla gently reoccur throughout the trend. Chunky ribbed furniture balances a mix of various materials, highlighted through vessels and baskets. Each item feels handcrafted through textured surfaces and raw finishes. One Tribe offers a refined and cultured approach, setting you apart from competitors. 

Coastal Sanctuary highlights a soft colour palette with blonde wooden features and neutral tones. Your customers can create a sanctuary through the astute use of texture, colour and form. The subtle inclusions of Seafoam hues breathe fresh life into this classic, coastal trend. 

Free-flowing artwork is accompanied by conceptual vessels displaying a semi matte glaze. Wicker baskets play an essential component in this trend, adding texture through the use of raw materials. We’ve revived Coastal Sanctuary for another season as it’s a very popular trend with your customers.