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Introducing Finlayson's Iconic Textiles & Decor

Finlayson - Iconic Finnish Designs

For Summer 2018/19 we introduce you to a brand known for its ethics, social responsibility and beautifully-patterned textiles. 

This is Finlayson – perhaps the most popular and loved textiles company in Finland.

The story of Finlayson began in 1820.

In a short period of time Finlayson became the largest industrial enterprise in Scandinavia and its growth was based on unique courage and open-mindedness.

Aini Vaari’s intricate Taimi pattern

Finlayson Studio, founded in 1951, was in the first wave of Scandinavian fabric design to conquer the world with its original, minimalist, colourful and fresh approach.

Considering all this, it is easy to understand why Finlayson is still by far the most loved home design textile brand in Finland.

Albi is proud to work with Finlayson to offer iconic patterns across kitchen textiles and home décor. 

Designer Sami Vuuli's iconic Alma pattern