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Meet the Artist: Andrea Smith

Australiana is a range where we feature local artists and display their beautiful illustrations on a wide range of products. Over the past few seasons, we’ve teamed up with artist Andrea Smith, delivering a fun and vibrant collection of gifting, food preparation, and accessories.

Andrea is a talented illustrator and surface designer, located in Sydney. Her artwork highlights Australian flora and fauna in colourful designs. We caught up with Andrea to discuss her artistic background, the processes behind her illustrations, and what’s next for her.


When did you first get involved with art?

I initially started studying Fashion Design, but quickly realised it was the drawing I loved more than the sewing. I then went on to study Illustration and Design. After my course, I went straight into freelancing and have been fortunate enough to work with some amazing clients over the years.

What Mediums do you work with?

I work with paper collage. It’s a technique that involves painting various pieces of paper to create colour and texture. I then cut, layer and glue elements by hand to create the artwork.

Why are you interested in paper collage?
I love working with paper collage as it gives you the freedom to move elements around and create happy accidents along the way. I also love the tactile elements and textures only hand painted paper offers. This gives the artwork warmth and dimension.

Give us a little insight into your artistic processes.  
Usually, I start drawing lots of concept sketches until I’m happy with a few different ideas. If I’m working with a client, the sketches get presented for revisions and approval. Once the final sketch has been approved, I will work on the colour palette. Choosing the right colours is an integral part of my process. Once colours have been decided, I begin painting my textures and papers using acrylic paints. I then cut the artwork out by hand using scissors and an exacto knife. When I’m happy with how it’s looking, I glue it down and then scan the final artwork into Photoshop. I clean it up and deep etch the background if needed, so It can be used for multiple purposes.

What is the inspiration behind the artwork for Australiana?
The artwork is a celebration of our unique Australian emblems. We wanted the illustrations to create vibrant, stylised stories of iconic Australian animals, plants and landscapes. IsAlbi then applied them to beautiful giftware, accessories and bakeware items, bringing a fresh modern twist to our native flora and fauna. Collaborating with IsAlbi on Australiana has been a dream job.

Where do you get inspiration from?

Having grown up in rural NSW, I’m inspired by colours of the Australian landscape and flora and fauna. Our unique animals and beautiful wildflowers feature heavily in my work. Bold colours, pattern, texture and detail are important elements that inspire me. I also take inspiration from traditional Folk art. The decorative elements combined with storytelling inspires my own practice. 

What’s next for you?
I’m working on a few client projects that I can’t share yet, as well as working on new patterns for textiles and products.

We wish Andrea all the best with her future endeavors, and can’t wait to see what else she creates for our beautiful Australiana range.