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As a result from the constant lockdowns and restrictions many of us are facing, it’s safe to say we’ve all spent the past few months indoors. We’ve easily transitioned to the working from home lifestyle, where pants don’t matter and midday naps are a necessity.

With everyone spending time indoors, we’ve seen a significant rise in wall décor purchases from your customers. They’ve switched the Friday night dinner funds for bright and colourful wall art, making WFH spaces more inviting.

Luckily for you, our new Spring/Summer ’22 season includes a large collection of wall décor to suit any space. From abstract designs to colourful prints and even modern artwork, there’s something for every customer.

We’ve gathered our top picks and tied them together in coordinated trends, allowing you to offer customers pieces that mix and match. Take a look below.

Straight from the sleepy desert, our Sandstorm artworks includes pastel colours, laid back prints, and textured elements. Perfect for a casual space, these pieces go hand in hand with one another, creating a sun-bleached narrative.

For the refined art lover, our Chateau Mod artwork is bright, contemporary and colourful. Heritage blooms are at the forefront of these prints, with stylish cocktail pieces rounding the collection. These artworks are great for adding a splash of colour to any space.

A sunbaked mirage, Encounter Culture’s artwork suggests a relaxing holiday abroad. With traditional Batik-inspired prints comprising of a warm colour palette, these pieces speak to the customer who has travelled and is hungry for more.

Celebrating masculinity in all its form, Mod Euro’s wall décor has strong silhouettes and a bold colour palette. Large shapes are at the forefront of these artworks, adding to the overall sophisticated and refined collection.

Highlighting a soft and organic colour palette, these artworks are timeless. Blue tones dance their way throughout each piece, suggesting a coastal narrative. One particular piece is woven from beautiful textiles in a gorgeous design, creating the perfect statement piece.

Exuding warmth and rural charm, Homestead’s wall décor is bright, colourful, and full of character. Each piece tells an intimate narrative of Australian wildlife, fauna or landscapes. These pieces would look charming in a small cottage or family home.

With bright colours and bold patterns, artwork from Emporium is the ultimate mood lifter. There’s a lot of fun quotes that are quirky and full of personality. Colourful wall tapestry is also big in this collection, with a few to mix and match.

Redefining style, Grand Designs is at the forefront of contemporary living. This season, we have large, bold artworks featuring abstract designs. Radiating style and sophistication, these pieces contain dark colour palettes that work with modern interiors.

Alternatively, we also have a large collection of mirrors and decorative clocks for the customer who wants something simple. With an extensive range of different sizes, shapes, and colours available, there’s something for everyone. We offer both hanging and freestanding mirrors, alongside classic number and Roman numeral clocks.