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Take a Sneak Peek at Our Autumn/Winter 22 Showroom

We’ve been busy working hard to bring you the best ranges this season!

Here’s a sneak peek of our beautiful Melbourne showroom, showcasing the latest and greatest when it comes to this fantastic new season. We’ve created little teaser videos to get you excited and start the wheels turning when it comes to visualising our products in-store!

Please see below to preview our stunning Autumn/Winter 22 showroom. Make sure to have your Retail Consultant on speed dial!


Each trend from our homewares collection successfully tells a narrative – there’s something for every customer! This season for Amalfi, we’re excited to introduce the following trends: Sanctum Living and Studio Como. Sanctum Living captures the essence of a lazy Sunday morning, and Studio Como celebrates urban living with a high-end aesthetic. We’ve also evolved popular trends from last season, including The Grange, One Tribe, and Coastal Sanctuary.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for well-known brands, such as Grand Designs, Emporium, Academy, Davis & Waddell, Society Home, and so much more! Our talented buying team has gone above and beyond to deliver exquisite collections that adhere to each brand’s identity, offering new chapters on well-developed narratives. There’s a reason why these brands are customer favourites!


With many respected brands under our belt, the new kitchenware season is looking amazing. Successfully marrying form and function, our products enhance the kitchen while looking stylish at the same time. Expect to find new collections in MasterPro, Grand Designs Kitchen, Davis & Waddell, Leaf & Bean, André Verdier, Ulster Weavers, and so much more!

We’re excited to announce the new MasterPro Tri-Clad cookware range, including a leading collection of fry pans, sauté pans, and woks. Made from high-quality aluminum alloy, all items are lightweight and easy to use, yet strong and durable. Each pan has a three-layer coating that’s scratch resistant and long-lasting, allowing for healthier cooking as minimum oil is required.


Rogue’s beauty centres on its attention to detail – enjoy creating pieces of art that are personalised for your store. This season, we have a beautiful range of floral stems, dried stems, floral arrangements, foliage, garden pots, and so much more. Alongside stunning greenery, we also offer a leading collection of pots, planters, vases, vessels, glass containers, and woven baskets.

‘Mix & Match’ is a convenient feature that allows you to easily pair our plants with pots. Simply match the (insert icon) number plant with a corresponding (insert icon) number pot. If you’re shopping online, click the product’s ‘highlights’ for this necessary information. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


The new gifting season is exciting, adventurous, and colourful! Popular brands such as, Is Gift, Jellycat, Altima, Maverick, Wanderflower, Yes Studio, Sun Jellies, and so much more, will definitely grab your customer’s attention.

This season for The Australian Collection, we’ve collaborated with the talented artist, Sally Browne, to offer stunning native prints across a variety of servingware and textiles. We’re also excited to announce our new gifting brand, Go Genius. Go Genius combines education with laughter! We have a fantastic collection of scholastic games that the whole family will enjoy.

Please contact your friendly Retail Consultants to pre-order now!