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IsAlbi continues to ensure all of our products are fit for purpose and comply with Australian Safety Standards. Our in-house team of quality and compliance professionals work around the clock, across all categories, to ensure that our extensive range of products are of the highest quality. As one of the most trusted wholesale providers in Australia and New Zealand, we believe our role is to reassure our customers and key stakeholders that our products are safe and sourced with integrity. To do this, we must look beyond our operations to the wider supply chain, where the biggest impacts occur. To continuously ensure full compliance our team, in-line with ACCC:

  • Conduct regular reviews of product designs and production
  • Implement and review quality assurance procedures
  • Test products regularly to relevant standards, including batch testing
  • Conduct appropriate marketing
  • Provide clear and thorough user instructions
  • Where necessary, conduct a quick voluntary recall of any products that are defective or unsafe.

Commitments and targets
We are committed to protecting our brand integrity and maintaining customer trust by ensuring that our products are safe, legal, high quality and accurately reflect any claims or statements that are made. We also want to lead our sector in sustainable production and consumption, offering our customers the good value, high quality products and services they expect from IsAlbi, while respecting planetary boundaries and the need for social equity.

We have multiple category catalogues in the region of over 8,000 products, offering everything from homewares, kitchenware, specialty toys, gifts and artificial flowers and plans. Rather than joining the race to the bottom on price, we focus on developing top-quality ranges that are competitively priced, whilst ensuring our vendors get a fair deal too. It is of paramount importance that we manage the safety and integrity of our products and supply chain. We believe our product standards are industry-leading. We require all products to be made by suppliers who are technically competent within their specific area and who operate well managed hygienic locations applying due diligence to ensure safety, legality, integrity and consistent quality.

Working with others
Listening, learning, responding and working in partnership is an important part of how we do business. To develop our approach to product standards we’ve worked with many industry experts and scientists, including the Australian Toy association, Therapeutic Goods Australia, AICIS, ERAC, EESS, Sedex, APCO, to name a few.