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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I create an order template?

A: This function allows you to build a standard order template that you can save and use as a starting point for future orders. When selecting a saved order template, you can add, remove or adjust the quantities of products to meet your needs. Saved order templates will preserve time if you need to repeatedly order the same products from IsAlbi on a regular basis.

To create the template, simply select your items by adding them to the cart. Once in the cart, select as Order Template (top righthand corner) and enter a new name for the template. To find your already saved templates, see My Account/Order Templates.

Q: How do I create a bulk order for my cart?

A: Navigate to My Account and Bulk Order. There, you can copy and paste up to 120 product SKUS which adds multiple products to your shopping cart. After clicking the submit button, you will receive a confirmation message at the top of the page. Visit the cart to review your items and/or adjust quantities. (MOQ is automatically submitted for each SKU)

Q: How do I download images for my order?

A: On the My Account dashboard, navigate to My Invoices. There, you can view and print all your IsAlbi invoices. You can also download product and styling images by clicking View Invoice/Download Product Information. This will provide you with a .zip file of the order, containing product and/or lifestyle images. Save and unzip the file to your device to view the product information.

Q: When trying to purchase an item, will I be notified if it’s on backorder?

A: Yes, if an item is on backorder, a pop-up message will appear when visiting the product page. You can still add the item to your cart once the message has been closed.

Q: What should I do if I no longer wish to receive backorders?

A: Please contact us here and we’ll set this up for you.

Q: What happens when the item I’m looking for is no longer on the website?

A: If the item is no longer on the website, it may have been sold or discontinued. However, please contact us and we’ll do our very best to assist.

Q: I’m having issues with placing my order. What should I do?

A: Please contact us and let us know how we can assist. If you have received an error message, please include this as well.

Q: I can’t see any prices on the website?

A: Once you have registered with IsAlbi, our pricing will be visible on the website. If you have any question regarding pricing or payment, please contact us here.

Q: Does pricing include GST?

A: All products are shown exclusive of GST (10%), which will be applied to your order during checkout and is visible on the invoice.

Q: What are my payment options?

A: Prior to placing an order, you must indicate your preferred payment method. Payments may be made via EFTPOS, VISA and MasterCard. You can also pay using a commercial credit account (where applicable).

Q: How long will my order take to arrive?

A: Once your order has been processed, the turnaround is generally two business days. This allows the order to be packed at our warehouse and made ready for collection by a courier. Depending on where the delivery is going, please contact your Sales Representative for more information on deliveries. Alternatively, view here for more information on deliveries and returns.

Q: Are there any freight costs?

In addition to the price of goods, you will also need to pay the listed delivery charge (if any) for your selected delivery option. Any applicable delivery charges will appear in your shopping cart. Delivery charges may vary depending on the quantity of the goods ordered, and the address to where the goods are going.

Q: How do I change my address/contact details?

A: For any changes or updates to your account, please contact us here and we’ll organise this for you.

Q: Can I have more than one delivery address for my account?

A: Yes, you can have multiple delivery addresses registered. Please contact us here for more information.

Q: I’ve received a faulty item/there was an issue with my delivery. What should I do?

A: If you received a faulty item or there was an issue with your delivery, please let us know by lodging a Claim from the My Account dashboard. Please provide as much information as you can to minimise the processing time.

Q: Why have I not received an invoice with my delivery?

A: You can locate your invoices under My Account. However, if you still wish to receive a hard copy, please contact us here and we’ll organise this for you with each delivery.