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WELCOME To our first ever Virtual Showroom!

This experience lets you explore Albi’s Melbourne showrooms wherever you are.

You'll get a feel for our expansive range, see our Summer 2021 key stories merchandised together and come away with a myriad of ideas for your business. Simply click the white arrows to get moving.

We hope you enjoy this virtual experience!

Tips before you get started:
  • A strong internet connection will help the showroom load quickly.
  • Look out for 'pop up' markers and click them for more info on key looks/products.
  • Click the 'Fullscreen' icon for the best viewing experience (second icon from left in above window).
  • To exit Fullscreen mode, click the Escape key on your computer.
  • Zoom in our out using your computer's standard zooming commands.
  • Click the 'Floorplan' icon to see your location in the showrooms at any given time.
  • Use your computer's 'screenshot' function to capture any items you wish to ask your Account Manager about later.
  • Click here to go back to the beginning.